Importance of Discipline in Class Room

Class Room

A lesson relies on upon many elements to achieve a worthy level of progress, one of which is train in the classroom. Nobody can deny that next to zero learning happens in a clamorous class. Talking between understudies, playing or notwithstanding being occupied with cell phones can’t create an air helpful for learning.

Discipline is one of the essential necessities of a socialized life. Each general public needs to set certain standards for individuals to take after. Everyone’s attention span is different. Some people get distracted very quickly. If there was noise, they wouldn’t concentrate. So the teacher can be heard by everyone. Silence would help students think further on whatever they hear. Classroom environment needs to be maintained so the teacher’s position isn’t compromised and authority isn’t questioned. If everyone made noise and did their own thing, there would be no system or order to things and no work would get done. The students are learning discipline, patience and impulse control.

Everything in this world is governed by a definite set of laws. Students do not show respect to their teachers, misbehave in the classroom. So in today’s society, it is very essential to live with co-operation, and brotherhood among st each-other. Absence of discipline may lead to failure and backwardness of nation. But one can overcome these problems if everyone follows a personal code of conduct and maintain self-discipline for productivity in class room. Discipline involves obedience. Discipline has got immense usefulness for us. Discipline leads to success. If we read in a disciplined way, we can master the subject. A disciplined army has immense advantage over an undisciplined army. Discipline is the key point of all success so the students should conduct in a disciplined manner. They should obey the rules and regulation of the school. They should obey the direction of their teachers. They should make a regular habit in their day-to-day work. Regularity is also a condition for discipline. Discipline is the key-note of all success. The first reason that discipline is so important is that we all need to exercise self-discipline to be successful in life.

Self-discipline can mean very different things to different people; for students, for example, self-discipline is often about motivating yourself and making yourself concentrate on your studies and get your assignments in on time. Discipline is also something that needs to be used on others where necessary. In the workplace, discipline is also essential to maintaining a hierarchy and dealing with employees who do not follow company policies and procedures, regularly arrive late or not at all, or treat their co-workers unfairly. Then, you have to consider that without discipline, there would be no law enforcement. Discipline acts as a vital deterrent to stop children being naughty, people from missing work, and even potential criminals from stealing and killing, and for this reason it is vital in human society. Silence in the classroom can boost children’s exam results, improve their self-esteem and cut down on bad behavior.


This Article is written by Abdul Kareem, Student of BS Media Studies. under supervision of Ms. Anum Aziz. Lecturer of English at Bahria University.

Student of Bahria University

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Student of Bahria University

Research Based articles responsibility is taken by the students of Universities, Colleges & Schools in order to show their support to the student welfare organisation The Talib Times. Students...



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