Want to be happy? Well- Exercise!!


Life is a bed of roses and a path of thorns too, it is an amalgamation of pain, sorrow, happiness and joy!

Everybody wants out from pain and everybody wants to be happy, we do what we do to be Happy! Everything in this world, every single person is wrapped around happiness’ little finger as everyone wants to have it and keep it with them forever!

What if I tell you that “The happiness” we have been searching in dollar bills is rather found when we sweat out a little?! Strange, ain’t it? But, true it is!

Exercise has always been known to be of great importance as the gains are too many. It keeps you fit, keeps you healthy and also it makes you Happier!

Yale and Oxford university may have proven that your metal health is more dependable on Exercise than your economic position.

The scientists also noticed that the sports that involved socializing has a add-on positive effect on our mental health than any other.

This study, published in The Lancet, tells us that the scientists collected data from over 1.2 Million Americans about their physical behavior and mental health.

The participants were asked a series of questions like:

How many times have you felt mentally unwell in the past 30 days due to emotional problems, stress, anxiety etc?

Other questions about the monthly income and physical activities were asked and they were made to choose between 75 different activities from land-mowing, housework to cycling, weight lifting etc.


· The scientists found that, while those who exercised everyday tended to feel bad or unhappy for around 35 days in a year, whereas the non-active participants felt bad for 18 days more on average-that’s a lot on a bad days’ calendar!!!

· They also made a strange discovery that physically active people feel just as much good as people who earn around $25,000 in a year but are not physically active.

Which tells us that either we could work harder by pulling all days and nights or could simply exercise and be just as much happy!

In Pakistan, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and coronary heart diseases share 20.5% burden of diseases. A large chunk of population is suffering from them. Exercise on the other hand can give important health benefits for diseases like heart diseases, joint or back pain, asthma and diabetes where about 46 people die every hour in Pakistan of a heart disease, 10 people die of diabetes every hour in Pakistan,

10M suffer from asthma in Pakistan and 14M people are victims of Arthritis!!

We can fight this, people should be taught, they should learn about the benefits of exercise. Seminars and Awareness programmes should be commenced that could spread awareness among people that exercise is not only to get that ideal body structure but is also a healer plus it makes you happy!

However too much of everything is Bad as The relationship between sport duration and mental load is U-shaped,” said study author Adam Chekroud of Yale University in an interview with Die Welt. The study found that physical activity only contributes to better mental well-being when it falls within a certain time frame. According to the study, three to five training sessions each lasting between 30 to 60 minutes per week is ideal.

Let us all dedicate a little time of our lives to exercise every day as it has so many benefits!

Feeling down! See you after my cardio.

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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