Tabay Atkins- Not your typical eleven year old boy!!


We live in a fast moving world, a world where everything is happening in a jiffy, everyone is revolving and orbiting around something- a goal or a position, where relations are made and are broken in milliseconds, friends become strangers and strangers become friends, the whole dimension 0f life changes with the drop of a hat! No matter how hard we try and how much effort we put in keeping up with this mayhem we are bound to get tired and exhausted, our voice is sure to be lost and go unheard in this tumult!!

Where we all try to run and ace this marathon called life, we all need to take a time out too and reconnect with ourselves a little. Some People take to mountains, or some to a beach on vacations, while some just need a stay cation at their homes and a little exercise to feel better and take all the unnecessary, negative energies off of them.

A kind of discipline or practice called Yoga is also considered an amazing relaxing and calming tool. It is said to be a physical, mental and spiritual practice.

Tabay Atkins, is an 11 year-old American certified Yoga teacher and this is just the tip of the ICEBERG!

He discovered Yoga when he was a six years old through his mom as she was a patient of Lymphoma and was undergoing chemotherapy, she indulged in Yoga as a part of her recovery.

Yoga helped his mom a great deal and she was healing, Tabay was a witness to this all and the little kid wanted to learn it. “I wanted to [become a yoga teacher] because my mom had cancer,” he tells “She did yoga and she couldn’t walk at the time; she was really stressed. I saw how yoga was healing her, and I told her I wanted to teach yoga to help people heal the way yoga helped heal my mom.” In 2013, Tabay’s mom opened a Yoga centre in California and he pitched in as her helper, and soon he became a teacher, by the insight and knowledge he gained by tagging along with his mother, from Helper to a Certified teacher- he took the fastest train and became the youngest person ever to have completed 200-hour YOGAthletica teacher training plus the youngest teacher in the country!!

This superhuman of a kid is currently teaching three popular classes a week—including two teen-adult vinyasa classes and a Lego meditation class with his dad, former NFL player Larry Atkins. “His classes are the most full classes we have at the studio,” his mom added.

What interests us the most is that how an eleven year old is keeping himself motivated and is contributing a huge chunk of his spare time, teaching people Yoga, this would actually be his Play-time but he knows better ways to exercise!

“I really love to help people when I’m doing my yoga,” explains Tabay, currently certified to teach vinyasa, circus yoga, tween yoga, teen yoga, yoga for kids with autism, and more. “It’s not about flexibility, it’s more about non-judgment. It’s about healing the mind and body. I also like to see people progress throughout the classes ”.

The iceberg I was talking about is still not fully seen as the best part about this magnanimous little person is that he donates all of his teaching money to the kids suffering from cancer .

“ He does it all for free…except for the pennies, he keeps the pennies with him told his mother.

So, shocked aren’t you?!

The fee for his class is donation based and is voluntary too. All the proceeds go directly to an organization called A charity providing resources to the caregivers for their loved ones diagnosed with cancer.

An eleven year old, doing better than a whole lot of us is as invigorating as it is shocking!

His mother further added “Who am I to tell him he’s too young? His heart and intentions are pure,” she says. “He’s the first person to help someone in need or make friends with someone sitting alone, or stop a kid from being bullied … this is what yoga is. Some people are just meant to have this in their lives.”

A superhuman, a superstar, a knight in shining armour or whatsoever you would like to call him. He is telling and showing us that we can all make a little difference by contributing a little something to the world. Kindness never goes unrewarded as little drops of water make oceans, So let us all start doing something for others too as What goes around, comes around!!

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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