Start fraternizing with bacteria, let it back into your life!!


After reading the title, you might have thought that I am crazy or certainly out of my head because who in the right mind would ever suggest to take bacteria back in, and as much as FRATERNIZE with it, What?!!!

But believe me when I tell you that these microorganisms, they are a part of your environment so automatically your life too. The ecosystem-a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment, and this is not all, they are present inside our body too!

Why do we feel the need to over sanitize everything, our immune system is quite a strong competitor and gives a tough time to all the unwelcome, non-self things that try to harm our body. Our immune cells become matured after encountering a microbe and they not only combat it through a number of complex ways but also keeps an account for it in its memory cells and the next time the same microbe attacks, it throws it out in a jiffy. Well, now how are the memory cells going to work and combat an intruder quickly if their isn’t any microbe present?

The more overprotective you become of your Immune system, the weaker it gets!!

Since a surgeon named Joseph Lister became the first to use antiseptic techniques in 1867 and save thousands of lives, modern medicine has worked tirelessly to create sterile medical environments — free of micro-organisms.

However, things took a little spin When Dr. Gilbert, associate director of the Institute for Genomic and Systems Biology at Argonne National Laboratory, started his research on dolphins in 2014. He came to know that the animals were much healthier the “dirtier” the aquarium water was.

“We saw the benefit in increasing the microbial diversity of the home,” he said. According to Dr. Gilbert, the lack of a rich microbial ecosystem, especially in our hospitals, might be causing more harm than good, leading to drug resistant strains of powerful super bugs and infection-causing viruses.

A science writer Ed Yong wrote in his book that There are more bacteria in your gut than there are stars in our galaxy,” and of these fewer than 100 species of bacteria compromise our health. The rest, which coexist in and among us, aren’t just harmless — they protect us and make us who we are! There is simply no escape from Microbes, space has them, every SQUARE INCH of it, from Arctic ice to Sahara sand the most desolate of landscapes!

There are a number of things you need to know about the microbes, that will TOTALLY change your opinion of them.

· Microbes are known to have an impact the shape of your organs.

· They replace our body’s dying and damaged cells also helping our body to store and absorb nutrients and fats.

· Not only humans but also plants and animals would die without these hitchhikers of a sort.

· Human milk has a substance in it that the babies cannot digest on their own and they do it by the help of Microbiome in their gut.

· However it is not naive to employ hygienic measures, throwing caution to the wind isn’t a smart choice after all, besides we know how these antibiotics and antiseptics save thousands of lives but too much of everything is Bad, similarly overuse of these is causing the loss of the mandatory balance that should be kept between Microbes in our bodies and environment. Sterility is not a good goal after all, cleanliness can be!

As Yong writes, “A diverse ecosystem is better than an impoverished one.”

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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