Seed balls or Seed bombs? Well, Throw, Grow and Know!!

Seed Ball

Ever since we are born we are told and made to learn all the importance and advantages of trees-if I remember right it was something like they are the filters and cleaners of our environment and provide us with oxygen!

Who knew these lines we learnt were just crammed and they had no long lasting effect or nobody even took a second out to give it a thought, because people cut trees, we cut trees like they are some disruptions, like they are garbage that needs to be thrown away!!

The whole world is suffering from climatic changes, GLOBAL WARMING is not a ghost that everyone talked will come one day, but it is our bitter reality now!! IT IS SO REAL, SO MUCH PRESENT THAT YOU CAN FEEL IT.

Now that global warming and all those catastrophic climactic conditions are upon us, we have finally thought of doing something about it and only now are we using our brains to bring the temperature down a notch!

An amazing idea, product of this drive is the Seed balls. They are made by wrapping seeds in mud. Once dry , they are tossed into any open space. When nourished by the rains, the seeds may germinate and grow into a Tree. It was the brainchild of Masanobu Fukuoka, the Japanese man famous for popularizing natural farming, the concept has been adopted worldwide!! This method can also be given the name of Aerial afforestation. This process is unusually done on a large scale where

Hundreds of them are thrown on a single area, then they are provided with the adequate amount of:

v Water.

v Sunlight.

v Low competition from existing flora and fauna.

With all these provided, you would be able to see tiny plants coming out growing within a month!!

Seed balls is the answer if you want to fertilize the planet and want to have more fun and put less energy! This equation is only possible with seed balls because:

Easy to make!

All you need is clay or compost and seeds native to the region you are working in. Amounts will vary, but a ratio of five parts soil to three parts clay to one part seeds is a good rule of thumb. The size of the balls should be about the size of a quarter for easy throwing.

Seed balls will reach places, no others will!

Their versatility is amazing!! They can be tossed over while travelling, out your cars’ window to any roadside place, thrown on abandoned places, unused planters and gardens to anywhere there is land to grow, they will work– provided that the soil isn’t too dry, compact, or dense with other vegetation.

They are ancient and are incorporated with guerrilla gardening!

This is an ancient Egyptian technique revived by Masanoubu and are a part of guerrilla gardening to rehabilitate neglected lands.

They are Diverse!

There are so many types of seeds you can use from wildflower seeds, needed for the survival of pollinators such as bees to herbs and edible crops or even a Combination of seeds can be put together.

No or little hard work!

You don’t have to dig holes, weed, water and prune or even take permission for ploughing. Just make or buy them and swing them in, any place you like, any time you like!

Kenya is high on seed balling as it has started different drives for it like One million seed balls a day!!

Seed balls could be the answer to re-growing 15 billion trees we cut down every year!

They are an example where the ancient wisdom is curing modern woes!!

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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