School Mafia

Current situation of educational institutes of Pakistan have urged me to pen down collective concerns of parents these days. Commercializing educational institutes to fill their own pockets is a trend that is being followed year after year.  Call it a tragedy, irony or a biggest curse the country is facing since a long time now. The actual reason of educating young minds has been lost long since the school mafia is busy trying to make it more of a business kind rather than focusing on a child’s future.

Once I had to see a faculty member in admin’s office in a renowned school of DHA Lahore. As I went inside, I saw a boy of age around 12 years sitting in a waiting area with his school bag and he looked like a fourth or fifth grader. I was told to wait in the waiting room till I could see the person I had come to see. I sat near him and after 10 awkward minutes, I asked him what he was waiting for. He told me he has been there in the office since 2nd lesson and he is waiting for his mother. At first I thought he might not be feeling well, maybe that’s why his mother was called, but what he told me tore my heart into pieces. He said due to some reasons, his mother could not deposit fee on time, its overdue and the teacher said he is not allowed in the class until his parents submit a fee receipt in the office.

I was speechless at the brutality of the school administration. They could have called the parents and discussed instead of making the child come out in front of all the class and told that he is not allowed in the class until the fee is submitted. Without any doubt, they do have a right to demand for the fee if It has not been submitted in due time but they have no right what so ever to make that child go through all that shame. His confidence must have shattered when he was given the reason in front of his class fellows.

The educational system is meant to make them grow emotionally not to break them down with such humiliating and thoughtless actions. To me it instantly seemed like a money making institute where they don’t care about a student’s emotions, where money is all they care about. If only our government institutes were good enough in maintaining good standards free of cost or for minimal fee, this mafia would get no room to fill their banks and satisfy their greed. It is a dream of every parent to provide their children with best education regardless of how expensive it is and how they cut their own needs to pay for institutes where they think their child will grow better.

Also I have seen a trend in these elite private schools where teachers do not bother to explain something more than once and children are totally relying on tuition or extra classes at home despite the unreasonably high educational expenses of these private schools. It’s high time; every parent should get involved and take more and more interest in their children’s education. Only then, we will be able to curb this mafia and get rid of it. They take advantage and cash out parents’ ignorance and negligence.

Let’s focus on bringing awareness about educational system of Pakistan so that the next generations could benefit from it.


This Article is written by Ume Khan, Graduate from Punjab University


University of Punjab

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Students has joined hands for the cause for which The Talib Times is working. Now all the articles published on The Talib Times website comes under the credit of the students from different...



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