Quality of Primary Education for Girls in Public Schools

Quality of Primary Education for Girls in Public Schools

“One of the less-documented developments in the Pakistani education sector is the move away from government schools. According to a World Bank report, almost one-third of children are in private schools and the numbers enrolled in government schools is falling rapidly, especially in the urban areas. This is not surprising, given the low quality of public education. Government schools are poorly endowed with basic facilities. According to the Pakistan Education Atlas 2013, around 60 per cent of primary schools do not have electricity, 36 percent no drinking facility, 42 per cent no washrooms and 30 per cent have only one teacher. There is a high level of absenteeism among teachers and teaching materials are seldom available.” The crisis of primary education by Dr Hafiz A Pasha. March 19, 2015. The Express Tribune

Quality Education is an important factor both in the day-to-day success of the child and in contributing to the personal, social, cultural and economic fulfillment of the future adult. Primary Education in Pakistan is accepted as a basic right of everyone both at national and international level. The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 clearly lays down the provision in Article 37 (b) that:

 “The state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory primary and secondary education within minimum possible period.”

School is a place which prepares young children for future. School education provides base foundation for higher learning and the skills which are needed for practical life. School’s experiences remain unique in the whole life of a student. College and university education depend upon learning of school.

Students join the fields of practical life with the taste which develop at school level. School education tells a student how to think? How to manage life and how to organize the scattered concepts? Students enter college or university with all round capabilities and higher learning polish these capabilities and prepare leadership force for different fields of life

There is no second opinion, that only quality education can prepare students to meet the challenges of global market. In Pakistan, school education is criticized over many forums that it has no quality and producing students without understanding of basic concepts.

On the contrary, there are further problems that Pakistanis has created for themselves which is slowly slicing the whole system. Education for boys is prioritized over girls, Over 30% of girls are educated in Pakistan as compared to boys because it is perceived that’s boys should get education to get good job and help their families financially while girls have to be good mothers and wives.

The Human Development Report (HDR) listed Pakistan in the category of “low human development” countries with a female literacy rate of thirty percent, and Pakistan has ranked 145 in the world in terms of human development.

Therefore we focused more onto the girls educations and built our Research on the question that

What are the Challenges to Quality School Education at Primary Level?

We took a Quantitative Survey from around a hundred students of class 5 from Public Schools, analyzing their ability to solve basic questions. The questionnaire comprised of fifteen questions from Mathematics, General Science and General Knowledge. Also analyzing their behavioral skills, confidence level, sharing habit and appearance.(The results are shown in the Presentation Slides)

It has been observed that the most common and major challenges the system faces at such level is

  1. Unavailability of Basic Resources and Facilities
  2. Ineligible Teachers and Managers
  3. Low Quality of curriculum, Textbooks and Exams
  4. Worst monitoring and evaluation systems
  5. Imbalance in Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools
  6. Inconvenient School Locations

In the technological era, development depends on education. Quality education is the only source for survival in the globalization. If a country does not provide adequate access to quality education, its survival in the 21st century will be very difficult. Quality is not a concrete that can be presented to someone. It depends upon teachers, learning materials and basic facilities. However quality cannot be attained if one of these elements is missing. So we need to focus more on these.

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This Article is written by Abdul Kareem,Zargham Anwar, Mahnoor Jilani, Haris Ali. Students of BS Media Studies. under supervision of Ms. Shiraza Shakeel, Senior lecturer of Oral Communication at Bahria University.



Student of Bahria University

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Student of Bahria University

Research Based articles responsibility is taken by the students of Universities, Colleges & Schools in order to show their support to the student welfare organisation The Talib Times. Students...



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