Preparations for the Celebrations of 23rd March 2019 are in Full Swing

23rd March

The nation is preparing to celebrate 23rd March 2019, which is on next Saturday with traditional zeal and zest. 23rd March is Pakistan Day, which is also known as Pakistan Resolution Day. It is celebrated in the commemoration of the Lahore Resolution, which was passed on the 23rd of March in 1940, at the place where Minar-e-Pakistan stands tall now.

The founding fathers of Pakistan had passed the resolution of a separate country for the Muslims of the subcontinent while advocating the concept of Two Nation Theory. The Two Nation Theory was based on the ideology that Muslim and Hindus belong to two different cultures, follow two different religions and speak two different languages, therefore, cannot live as a united nation in the Subcontinent. The resolution was termed as Lahore Resolution at the time, which later became the Pakistan Resolution. The proponents of the resolution also presented the idea of amalgamating the Muslims majority areas of North-East and North-West and name them as a separate and independent Muslim country. That separate and independent Muslim country, Pakistan, appeared on the map of the world on 14th of August, 1947, after 7 years of the Lahore Resolution. Pakistan now celebrates Pakistan Day to commemorate the struggles of its forefathers and renew its resolution of working hard to keep the solidarity and integrity of the country intact.

The celebrations of the Pakistan day start with the gun salutes at dawn, while praying for the solidarity and progress of the country. 21 gun salutes are presented in each provincial capital, and 31 gun salutes are presented in the federal capital. After that, the ceremonies of Change of Guard are held at the mausoleums of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam, in which state-level officials take part as the chief guests. The state-level buildings are decorated, and a number of other celebrations take place on the national level, while the nation enjoys the holiday.

One of the most remarkable parts of the Pakistan day celebration is the joint military parade, which is held in the parade ground Islamabad. State level officials, who include the president, prime minister, chief ministers, other ministers of federal and provincial level participate. In addition to it, the representatives of other countries of the world also attend the parade. The military commandments, in addition to the diplomats, famous personalities, as well as the general public also attend the ceremony. Moreover, the diplomats and troops of other countries of the world also take part in the ceremony. In 2018, the President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena attended the ceremony as the chief guest while the troops from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates also took part in the ceremony.

Another important part of the parade includes the march of the soldiers from different units of the security forces, as well as military and armed forces. Moreover, the contingents of mechanized and armored infantry also take part in the march. The military also rolls out the weapons laced with military technology, radar system, as well as the missiles, in order to depict the strength of the country to fight with enemy forces. In addition to it, the Pakistan air force representatives depict the aerobatic feats and demonstrate the skills and expertise of the fighter and combat helicopters, in addition to representing the tributary performances of skydivers of the airborne unit.

The Pakistan day is more exciting for the Pakistani public due to the fact that it is the first Pakistan resolution day in the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Moreover, in the latest context, when the Pakistan-India relations are hostile and complex, it will be the best time to give a strong message to the Indian commandment to not indulge in a war with Pakistan. The Pakistan day ceremony, this year, is expected to be attended by the leading commandments of many countries. Earlier on Wednesday, the Director General (DG) of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major Asif Ghafoor announced in his tweet that the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad will attend the military parade on 23rd March 2019, as the chief guest of the ceremony. DG-ISPR also announced in his tweet that chief of air staff of Bahrain, defence minister of Azerbaijan, as well as government officials from Oman will also be attending the parade in Islamabad. Moreover, the contingents from different countries which include Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, and Sri Lanka will also attend the parade.

In addition to the joint military parade, in the parade ground Islamabad, change of guard ceremony will also take place at Wahgah Border in Lahore. The naval forces of Pakistan will depict the naval strength at a ceremony on seas. Another ceremony will also be conducted in Islamabad, later that evening to present the state level medals to recognize the efforts, achievements and support of the renowned personalities from different walks of life.

The purpose of all of these celebrations is to give the message to the whole world that Pakistan is an independent, strong and flourishing country and it would never compromise on the peace and security of the state and public… Long Live Pakistan…

Credits; Qursam Farooq

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General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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