Pakistan’s Day Parade is our Pride!


Pakistan- A name that alone can race the hearts of million Pakistanis. A home to 197 Million people, The beat of 197 Million hearts, and the love of everyone’s Life!

The love and the zeal we feel about our homeland is very natural, ever since we are born, this land Shelters us and then after we die this land cradles us inside!

As today’s date, 23rd March, is a little more special to us all because it is a remarkable day in the history, Pakistan Resolution was passed in 23rd March 1940. Pakistan was established as Islamic Republic in 23rd March 1956.

The struggle for a separate homeland started from 1857 which started with a rebellion and then turned into a war, the Muslims were ruled by tyrant and unjust heads, many of them were killed and punished everyday.

Leaders such as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan worked tirelessly for the political, social and economic uplifting of Muslims, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a poet and philosopher, put forward the ideal of Muslims being a separate nation. Iqbal is accredited for weaving the Two-Nation theory, an ideology that eventually made the creation of Pakistan possible, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, also worked day and night for our independence and is the founder of Pakistan!

Pakistan’s Day is celebrated with so much love in Pakistan, with the rise of the sun, the flag is hoisted on every building, A 31-gun salute in all its glory is given!! A main feature of Pakistan Day celebrations is a parade at Constitution Avenue in Islamabad, then an award ceremony is organized where the president gives military and civilian awards to recognize recipients’ achievements and contributions to Pakistan.

Speeches, Debates, food festivals, Parties are held everywhere, and people seem to enjoy this day to the fullest.

The parade and many other resolution day specials are aired on the Tv, all day long and people are hooked to their sets watching the shows with great enthusiasm.

This year’s parade is going to be one of its kind as Major General Asif Ghafoor, DGISPR has told us about some little details and Man!! Are we ecstatic?

The Guest of honor is Malaysian PM, Dr Mahathir bin Muhammad, along with the guests from Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Oman. This is just a cherry on the top as the greater news is that along with the Pakistani Army, Air force and Navy contingents, the troopers from Srilanka, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Saudi Arab will take part in the parade with our soldiers while the Chinese Military aerobatics team was invited to participate in the national day air show, the Solo Turk and PLAAFJ-10 will sore high in the sky at our Air display!!

The whole of Pakistan is seen so much indulged in Pakistan day activities, every public store has put on a very generous sale, all the houses and streets are lit with lights and flags, national songs are sung everywhere, people from all about the country are eager

for the Air display, the magnificent display tenfold increases the respect and love in everybody’s heart for the country, As many as 336 officers and Traffic Wardens would be deployed on various city roads to regulate traffic!!

Let us all pray that Pakistan lives forevermore and we all get to see these celebrations everyday! Pakistan Zindabad!

This Article is written by Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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