North Korea takes a step ahead!


In September 1945, Korea participated into North Korea and South Korea at the end of Second World War when japan surrender, which led the US to administer the southern part and Soviet Union to administer the Northern part of Korea. But the soviet and Americans were not agree to work together for the establishment of Korea. By this in 1948, two separate governments were formed i.e the columnist aligned democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the west aligned republic of Korea. Both the governments were claiming the legitimate government of all of Korea. This led the Korea into the War in 1950. After so much destruction, neither the columnist aligned government nor the west aligned government had succeeded to conquer the whole Korea.

After the war, Kim Il Sung of democratic People’s Republic of Korea remained in power over North Korea until his death in 1994. North Korea is located in East Asia with neighboring to China, Russia and South Korea. During his tenure, he established the North Korea economically and militarily stronger by setting the principle of “self reliance” to their people. After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, North Korea went into the economic crisis. Kim il Sung son Kim Jong Il came into and so was his son Kim Jung Un in 2011. North Korea started nuclear programs in Kim Il Sung era but the first nuclear missile was tested in 2006. They have now developed up to 60 different ranges of missiles including Hydrogen Bomb. In 2006 they tested the first nuclear missile and announced that they are now a nuclear state.

Every year on April 15, North Korea celebrates this day as a public holiday known as ‘Day of the Sun’ to commemorate the birth anniversary and services of the great Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of Kim Jung Un and independence day on September 9. A large military parade is held on these days in which they displays their arms and ballistic missiles. The parade is become a very hot topic in some countries like USA, China and South Korea because they tests missiles every day and add it into their arms. But after so much sanctions and bad relations with the neighboring countries, the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un realized that they should talk for peace and betterment of both the North and the South Korea but not for war. Kim Jung Un made the history on becoming the first North Korean President by visiting the South Korea on April 27, 2018 for denuclearizing talks and betterment of both the Korean states. Kim said, ‘’ there will be no more war on Korean peninsula and thus a new era of peace has begun.” Kim also assure the people that both the countries will work for the complete denuclearize states. In the end, I think denuclearize decision of Kim Jung Un is a message of peace by North Korea to the world. Both the Korean countries should work together to solve the other major issues of world like they should try to fix the global warming, poverty, eradication of terrorism, corruption and more alike problems.


This review is written by Faizaan Saeed, student of BS-Geo Physics under supervision of Ms Samia Majeed, Senior Lecturer of Pakistan Studies at Bahria University 

Student of Bahria University

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Student of Bahria University

Research Based articles responsibility is taken by the students of Universities, Colleges & Schools in order to show their support to the student welfare organisation The Talib Times. Students...



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