Mental Health is not a taboo anymore- University of Waterloo has just paved the way!!

Mental Health

You know there is a saying that goes “Health Is Wealth” and you have probably heard it like a million times because it is something we cram in our early schooling, but do we actually understand it?!

I donot think we have actually grasped the real concept behind it because whosoever first said it, didn’t only mean “Physical health” by health- Health is not just a word but it is a Concept!

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” WHO, 1948.

Now from the given definition we also can predict that Health has many types that are as follows:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Environmental health
  • Spiritual health
  • Social health

So, now we know, for the proper spinning of our life’s wheel it is very important to be healthy and to be healthy, we need to be at a balance and have to keep our health (that is an amalgamation of all these types together) under good check or surveillance.

Unfortunately, Mental health problems are usually frowned upon and they are mostly treated as “Voldemort”- because they like him, they also must not be named, right?!

In a World where we are still struggling with Depression and Anxiety and all sorts of Mental illnesses, where these illnesses are ostensibly diagnosed in every other person, but still they are ignored and not talked about, not discussed and people talking about are shoo-ed away!

They are always going to be the “Elephant in the room” and an open wound to so many people that even hurts with the slightest touch!

Where we all now understand how important Mental health is, University of Waterloo, Canada has taken it to the next level.

As a young lass from this university named Tina Chan, who is now a master’s student  in Public Health, started out this campaign of distributing Mental Health Kits among university students, workplaces and veterans since its launch in 2015.

She came up with this noble idea when she felt a need of to help people get more immediate access to support in times of struggle.

“The main inspiration of it is that when someone has symptoms of a panic attack coming on, or symptoms of anxiety, we don’t usually have the information on hand,” Chan told CBC News. “And information on your phone is still one step too far removed.

She herself has been a victim to them and that’s why her effort and hard work is just commendable!

PASS means Panic, Anxiety and Stress Support.

The kit includes a stress star, ear plugs, a sleeping mask, a pack of gum and a deck of 25 cards, each with specific steps a person can take if they are experiencing symptoms.

Also note that the advices and steps told are based on research in scientific journals for example Box breathing technique is mentioned to calm people down when in need.

“ I have been receiving testimonials from students,” said Chan, “They would see their roommate having a struggle and they would actually bring out the cards and they would discuss that together.”

This extraordinary kit has also now become a part of the Mental Health First Aid certification course run in Waterloo every month by Mega Health at Work.

Robin Bender , the founder said her clients have found the kits to be very helpful  and have purchased them for family and friends after the workshop.

Currently, Chan is working on a new kit for people with PTSD ( Post Traumatic stress disorder).

Now these kits are in no way made or claim to equate or a substitution for seeing a Health professional but are just like little care packages to make people feel safe and give them a feeling that they are understood.

People who are struggling with mental illness, that’s all they want. All they want to do is get out of how they’re currently feeling and feel better, so that’s what the tool gives them.” – Robin bender

Another amazing aspect of this is that other universities and people have also started taking after this and the awareness is slowly spreading!

We should be a part of this too, can’t possibly make a kit? No problem, just be all ears to a friend in need or even a stranger you feel needs to be heard and your part is done!!

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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