MDCAT; A must read for Medical Students

Medical Universities Entry Test Preparations, How it affects students, How academies are becoming a mafia and what are the alternatives

MDCAT- an initial elaboration

Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is a standardized examination that is mandatory to pass in order to get admission in MBBS or BDS fields of medical sciences in any private or public colleges of Punjab. This admission test is accompanied by the University of Health and Sciences (UHS) and each year, more than fifty thousand students attempt to clear this test. Out of all these half a lac candidates, only 4 to 5 percent of the students manage to secure admission in public medical and dental colleges. So, you can make the argument that MDCAT is a licence to drive your successful future.

60% marks in F.Sc (pre-medical) is required to apply for MDCAT. An aggregate is made which include matriculation marks, intermediate marks and MDCAT marks as 10%, 40% and 50% respectively. Due to the major contribution of MDCAT for the admission, it is mandatory for everyone to score big in this test.

Effects of MDCAT on Students

MDCAT and Board examinations are quite opposite to each other. The difference is that the board examination is majorly subjective-type including short question and long questions. The Multiple choice questions are very few and students can secure good marks due to the choice in attempting the questions. In addition, there is no negative marking in these exams which also aids in scoring higher marks.

Contrary to this, MDCAT comprises of objective-type questions i.e. MCQs for all subjects. The MCQs are totally concept-based and one cannot pass this test without having a keen knowledge about every topic of the book. Therefore, this is the place where most of the students get struck. Effecting them seriously, this test is considered to be very difficult.

This system is basically forcing the privileged to look for educational opportunities abroad, leading to brain drain, while the under-privileged cannot, affecting them to lead depressed lives.

  • The sharp turn of exam system heavily oppress the students
  • The students get confused in choosing the right platform for the preparation
  • Shortage of time to go through each topic deeply.
  • The Cramming system gets failed which adversely affect the majority of the students.

MDCAT Preparation at Academies

As soon as students get free from Intermediate Board Examinations, they jump in a rat race of the MDCAT in order to get future secured by admission in Medical colleges. Down the towns, one can see the big posters of academies offering Preparation for the test. And, in no time almost all academies can be seen crowded with students. In past, it was a rare trend to prepare through academies but now it has become a fashion that every student is bound to get admitted in a reputed academy for preparation.

Due to an increase in this drift, academies have raised their fees to the zenith and the quality goes on decreasing surprisingly. The classes are crowded in such a way that only few front-sitting students are able to listen clearly but cannot ask something they don’t understand. This results in the poor outcome due to lack of the best preparation.

The academies are no more the study place but a mafia that concentrates on gathering money by every possible mean. First of all when a student gets admission, he/she has to pay a handsome amount, afterwards the notes fees, the test session fees and other such charges are imposed and the student become a prisoner who can neither leave nor can remain there willingly. A few drawbacks of academies are:

  • All students are unable to afford heavy fee of academies.
  • Students are unable to listen the lecture carefully due to the crowded classes.
  • The teachers are unable to answer each question of the students.
  • A huge fee is charged for notes and tests.
  • Coping up with the quotidian routine of academies is much tricky for most of the students.

The Best Alternate for preparing MDCAT

The most effective way to cater all your study needs is the Online Study. Why is this study highly recommended? There are multiple reason of this. Let’s probe into how online study serve you in the best way.

Online MDCAT preparation is the most proficient way as it not only provides students with the quality education but a cheaper solution in contrast to the academies. Thus, online preparation saves a handsome amount of money and time as well that is wasted otherwise in travelling to academies. It also doesn’t required you to migrate from a village to town, you can attend the lectures of expert teachers sitting at home. The benefits of online study are countless. Let me tell you some of these:

  • The Online Preparation doesn’t require the students to strictly adhere the schedule of a class as followed by academies. They are able to frame a time table that suits them completely and have the choice to alter it according to their needs.
  • It is not possible for every student to understand the concepts in first lecture, therefore, online study makes a student listen to a lecture over and over again to conceptualize the topic entirely.
  • The online portals provide the visuals with high quality and it is in your hand to adjust the speed of the video or jump on to the topic that is becoming difficult for you to understand.
  • The multiple test sessions available on online platforms enable students to practice more and more and make themselves perfect having grip on all topics equally.
  • On the off chance, students get poor marks in a test, they can solve it multiple time and can correct their mistakes with reason.
  • Online Preparation provides an option for students to ask question at any time and are always responded positively.

No academy will provide you any tool to evaluate your performance so that you may try to -improve yourself. Though, parent-teacher meetings are arranged in academies to degrade a child and only their weaknesses are elaborated in front of the parents and never advised how to improve. On the odds, online study offers a tool to check your performance and not only guides you how to work hard but smart as well.


This Article is written by Rakia Ali. She is a blogger and contributed to The Talib Times with this Guest Post.

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General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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