If you drink soda almost everyday, you must also know about the havoc it wreaks on our body!


Soda as in cold drinks are like the un-crowned kings of our dining tables, aren’t they?!

Whole table set with different cuisines? But, but where is the soda? Who in the world can ever eat biryani without a soda, right?!

No special item for lunch today, let’s have a soda with the lentil mom made and it will be fine because who in the world can eat lentils without a soda!

Soda has become an essential part of our everyday meal, be it an event or a simple everyday lunch at home, soda is like salad, a must have part of the meal.

We all hear it every now and then and are well aware of the disadvantages and havoc these fizzy drinks are wreaking on our health but I have some Brand new facts that will leave you jaw dropping, not with happiness and amazement but with shock, a real bad one too indeed!

Here are 12 ways in which Soda is playing with us and our health:

  1. Soda is linked with asthma- According to a study conducted in South Australia, about 16,907 people, aged from 16 years and older, have shown that high levels of soda consumption were positively associated with asthma and COPD ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease )
  1. Sugar sweetened sodas can be a contributing factor in causing Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease- According to a study, in the CT scan of about 2,634 individuals, to measure the amount of fat in the liver,  a higher prevalence of NAFLD among people who reported drinking more than one sugar-sweetened drink per day was found as compared to the people who said they drank no sugar-sweetened beverages.
  2. Some soda companies are feeding us with Flame retardants -(BVO) is an ingredient of many citrus based sodas and sports drinks whereas it is patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant and is officially banned in over 100 countries.
  3. The sodas containing ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate form Benzene- which According to FDA, when exposed to light and heat in the presence of vitamin C, it can be converted into benzene- which is considered carcinogenic ( cancer causing) by American Cancer Society.
  4. Soda increases Diabetes risk- Drinking one or two sugary drinks everyday can increase a chance of Type 2 Diabetes by 25%.
  5. Sodas cause a decline in Kidney functions- According to a 11 year long Harvard medical school study on 3,318 women, it was found that soda causes a two fold increase in Kidney decline.
  6. Soda dehydrates us- some sodas are Diuretic which means they promote the production of urine causing a person to urinate more frequently hence leaving the Body cells dehydrated which in turn causes a lot of other problems.
  7. Soda increases obesity risk in children- consumption of soda increases obesity risk by 60% and are linked to other health problems as well.
  8. Soda increases the risk of heart diseases in men- Each soda consumed per day can cause a 20% increase in the risk of HEART diseases in men.
  9. The acid in soda wears away the dental enamel- Lab tests have shown that the acid amount in soda is enough to wear away and harm the protective enamel of teeth.
  10. Caramel colouring is linked to vascular diseases- Nehal N. Mehta, director of Inflammatory Risk Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania has told that vascular problems and caramel-containing products are linked to each other.
  11. Sodas are lined with Bisphenol A-which is an endocrine disruptor and is linked to everything from Heart diseases to Obesity to Reproductive problems.

After this detailed observation on sodas, we now know that the ways in which this tongue sweetener us effecting us is Alarming!

So these colored poisons or bane, which we think are some kind of magical potions or elixirs should be kept at an arms length or maybe a mile’s length ( whichever suits you best ) but should be avoided as we know it is Candy to our eyes but Poison to our Body as they don’t only increase your waistline anymore but are bigger culprits!

May today be the last soda-yest day that we have ever soda-yed!

Writer: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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