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Umer Khan- Ukhano, as we know him, is a versatile celebrity. He has a God gifted potential in diverse fields of life. A basketball player starting from pre medical to ending up in arts. From being one of the top speakers to eventually settling as a youtuber and much more. he has persistently been source of pride in terms of building a positive image of Pakistan across the globe. His vlogs are seen and appreciated everywhere in the world and that makes him nothing less than a celebrity who represents Pakistan at its finest. We got a privilege to interview him and share it with the readers so you could get to enjoy knowing him a little better.


The Talib Times: A person knows himself better than anyone else. Can you please tell us who is Umar Khan?

Umar Khan: Umar Khan aka ukhano is a pukhtun Pakistani born and raised in the tribal areas of KPK later shifting to Lahore in 2002 to pursue his dream as an athlete later becoming a content creator.

The Talib Times: People of our society still prefer MBBS and Engineering Degrees, what makes you choose this technical field of photography and now a bit of videography?

Umar Khan: I was also a pre med from GC LAHORE. But I switched to NCA because I thought there are already great doctors in Pakistan. I should do something where I can change the game.

The Talib Times: Behind every successful man there is a woman…….is it true in your case? if no, then who do you give credit of the fame and success you gained?

Umar Khan: There are 2 women behind my success the first my mother and the second my mentor Maida Azmat who now runs a PR company by the name of MINT PR

The Talib Times: Achieving this much fame and respect in any field is impossible without hard work and struggle, please share your journey with us.

Umar Khan: Yes, it is tough to achieve fame or success in any field if you aren’t sincere to that field and abuse it to feed your ego. My journey has been going on for almost a decade. And the only thing that has gotten me here is consistency and giving credit to those who have helped you along the way.

The Talib Times: Being a professional photographer and fashion icon when did you feel you can make videos or vlogs as well and why?

Umar Khan: I’ve always been searching for a medium to express my hyper personality. I started with music, photography and theatre. Later these all came together and helped me make good short films which lead to vlogs.

The Talib Times: Your sense of dressing is tremendous and I read somewhere that you wear black a lot. Besides adding sharpness in the personality what do you think about wearing black?

Umar Khan:  I wear black a lot because of my line of work because I like to be on foot or skateboard and feel the surroundings rather than being in a luxury car. This black colour doesn’t get stained easily and is more practical than a lighter colour for me.

The Talib Times: Hearing the following words what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

a- Food- Nutella crepe

b- Colour- Pink

c- Nature- Change

d- Travelling- Self discovery

e- Passion- Creation

The Talib Times: People who know you very well know about your hatred for wearing polo shirts? why is that?

Umar Khan: Hahaha I hate polo shirts because they are just so smug and tight. Makes you look like you are full of yourself. No offence

The Talib Times: Friends are a gift to us, you like making friends or are you just busy with your work?

Umar Khan: I love making friends. I have an army of friends who help me along the way. Without them I am nothing

The Talib Times: Say a word about the following personalities

a- Nasir Khan Jan- A representation societies alter ego

b- Imran Khan- Hope 

c- Zaid Ali T- Entertainment 

d- Ukhano-  A Voice

The Talib Times: People face a lot of problems in life. In case of any problem, who do u look forward to?

Umar Khan: When I have a problem I look to my family and my friends

The Talib Times: The Talib Times is a students’ platform. Do you want to share something you think will help students in their lives?

Umar Khan: Look to your elders and don’t ignore your inner voice. These both coupled together can get you through thick and thin.


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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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