Exclusive Interview with Shaheer Sialvi; Young & Energetic President of State Youth Parliament

The Talib Times: A person knows himself better than anyone else. Can you please tell us about yourself?

Shaheer Sialvi: I am nothing more than an ideological worker. You can call me a representative of youth. I belong to the youth that is always ready to sacrifice their lives for their religion, creed and country that is Pakistan. Our youth take pride in facing shelling, baton charge and rubber bullets when they are deceived. These chosen hardships made me Shaheer SIalvi.

The Talib Times: Achieving such fame and respect you have in any field is impossible without hard work and struggle, Please share your journey with us.

Shaheer Sialvi: As far as my success is concerned. I started my life as an ordinary student political activist as member of Anjuman-e-Tabila Islam (ATI) . I did wall chalking, posted posters, reached convention venues hanging behind local transport wagons. Even when I participated in conventions as chief guest I used to travel on bike wearing my sherwani, fully dressed up and sandwiched between my friends. This situation got funny anyway. But I must say that those lacks in resources taught me life lessons.

The Talib Times: People face alot of problems in life, In case of any problem, who do you look forward to?

Shaheer Sialvi: I have faced many hardships. I have seen many ups and downs in life. But one thing that I have never shared in any of my interviews is that when all the doors were closed, no doubt faith tells us, the last door is of Allah. But worldly, the second last hope for me is my father. I still recall when I held my very first political seminar. I didn’t even have money to pay for the auditorium rent. Maybe he overheard me talking to somebody about my monitory issues. A father who happened to be an army officer would never appreciate his son to choose a hard, risky and rough profession of politics. But he was there at the seminar for me, paid everything and arranged refreshments. That was the day I realized that my father and family is there to support me, and I can freely ask them for their help anytime.

The Talib Times:  We have seen you talking about Kashmir Issue, Why do you think even after 72 years it stands as a disputed territory?

Shaheer Sialvi: It is up to Kashmiris whether they want to intact themselves with Pakistan or India or become an independent state. 95% of Kashmiris claimed that Kashmir should be part of Pakistan and demanded an electoral process. But now, it is very unfortunate that the demographics in favor of Pakistan has dropped to 75% and this is due to our own negligence.

Mere presenting bouquets of flowers over conferences cannot solve this problem. As far as dialogue is concerned, Yes, it is the right way. But the wars we won have been lost to dialogue. We are not equipped with credible think tanks and the ones we have are not active enough. We don’t have the lobbyists to fight for Kashmir and compete at international level.

The Talib Times: Kashmir is the most militarized region in the world. Do you think this is helping resolve the issue?

Shaheer Sialvi: Most of the conferences addressing the Kashmir issue are held in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and other such cities; they only make it to the corners of certain newspapers but never get attention of the international media. The agenda in all our pervious conferences has been that UN should solve this issue but it is a universal truth that UN has always neglected Islamic states and injustice towards Muslims. We must understand that the people who they call militants, because of their affiliation with Hizb-ul-Mujahidin, Lashkar e Jamat-ul-Daula, are freedom fighters. And according to the charter of United Nations, it is clearly stated that you have the right to fight for freedom and one can participate in freedom movements.

I would like to explain with an example. You are strong and I am week. Now If you take over my house by force and I bring a petition signed by few of my trusted neighbours, for you to leave. Will it have any importance to you? No, you being the stronger power will trash it. Likewise, the occupying forces have been forced over Kashmir. This is a grave injustice that Kashmir has been taken forcefully. Therefore, in my opinion, Pakistan should openly support the armed struggle.

The Talib Times: Do you think Pakistan has grown insensitive to support the freedom struggle in Kashmir or so they still care?

Shaheer Sialvi: Pakistan is not playing its expected role in the Kashmir issue. We don’t have strong counter narratives. Whenever we talk about Kashmir, we are mocked by India on the issue of Baluchistan. Why don’t we talk about Khalistan movement? Why don’t we raise the Asaam movement? Why don’t we talk about Junagadh and Hyderabad Dakan? Currently there are 237 minor separatist movements and 39 major separatist movements running in India. Highlighting these will help at international level.

Lately the role of OIC have been ignorant towards Kashmir. The reason behind this is that unfortunately, our swords are only dancing around Donald Trump. As Sillah-ud-din-Ayubi said,” If the sword of a Muslim becomes rusty with women and alcohol, he loses his prestige and sense of honor.”

People today believe that peace and love alone can solve the Kashmir issue. No, that is not how it will happen. Ayubi Rehmat Ullah beautifully stated that “I don’t know if Islam spread through peace or sword, but I do know that Islam can only be protected by sword, till the day of judgement.” This is a universal truth, we must not neglect it. If a sword can be used for injustice and cruelty, then it can also be used for defense and protection.

The Talib Times: The Talib Times is a students’ platform. What message would you like to give to our audience?

Shaheer Sialvi: My message for youth is as in the words of Jon Elia;

“aao k ikhtilaf-e-raye pr itefaq kar len”

People die voluntarily for Kashmir with only one wish, that is to be buried in Pakistan, wrapped in the Pakistani flag. This is the degree of their passion. They are not martyred for asking for freedom but are punished for lifting the Pakistani flag, they are punished for wanting to be buried in the Pakistani flag, they are punished for chanting the slogan “Pakistan Zindabad”.

For Kashmir, we need to push behind our political and sectarian differences and struggle for Pakistan. We must make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state. We must make it a role model. As Pakistan army is responsible to defend its geographic boundaries, so is our youth responsible to defend the ideological bounders of Pakistan. I would not only advise the youth but request and plead to join me for this cause.


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  • Amazing talk thanks Shaheer bhai for Telling about the True ideology of Pakistan and thanks for Telling the right views about the Kashmir. United Nation Can Never Solve this Issue of Kashmir according to Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal
    در جینیوا چیست غیر از مکروفن
    سہ تو امیش واہ نکھرچر مند
    Sorry I couldn’t write well but I know you remembered this Kalam of Dr Allama iqbal
    In which Dr Allama Iqbal Said that they always betrayed Muslims and always make planning to Kill the Muslims.
    I am 100% agree with you. You are a very brave leader MashaAllah we proud of you! We are with you.
    May Allah Almighty helps you in this regard.


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General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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