Earth Day- A day to pay back a little to Mother Land!

Earth Day

Earth is the only planet or astronomical body in the galaxy that is known to harbour life. If not f0r Earth who knows we would be living with the aliens as slaves, in an uninhabitable land, on some different planet.

We have exhausted our Planet of all its resources, there are about 8.7 Million species on the earth, with about 6.5 Million living on land and about 2.2 Million with oceans as their homes! If we are speaking of numbers we are not alone, many big cool millions are other species and yet we are the ones ruining it and destructing it for everyone!!

Earth day is a one of the World’s largest Movements and we can say it is to compensate for the chaos we cause everyday, it is celebrated every year on 22nd April , First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries, which are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

Every year, there is a tree plantation, cleaning up of the litter, and awareness for the issues plaguing the planet are raised. It is going to be the 49th year we will be celebrating this. This day is celebrated with great pomp and show in it’s own sense.

Here are some Fun Facts about Earth day!

· It was initiated by the untiring efforts of Senator Nelson, when he arrived in Washington in 1963, he took inspiration from the anti-war movement and Earth day was born on 22nd April.

· On the first Earth day ever celebrated in history about 20 Million Americans took to roads. Protests, demonstrations, fundraisers, nature walks, speeches, concerts, and every sort of civic gathering imaginable took place at colleges, VFW halls, public squares, and parks across the United States on April 22, 1970.

· This date was specially chosen to mobilize the students and get them involved. To set up the Earth Day project, Senator Nelson called Denis Hayes, then a graduate student, and then Hayes recruited a super active, young environmental enthusiasts and organisers’ team of 85 people, and this date was chosen because on most college campuses it falls right between Spring Break and Final Exams.

· In 2009, NASA planted a Moon tree to celebrate Earth day, NASA, in partnership with the United States National Arboretum and American Forests, planted a second generation Moon Sycamore on the arboretum’s grounds in Washington, D.C!

What can we do?!

With all other things being said, the question arises about what can we do on this glorious day or any day for earth?!

The answer is a number of ways:

· Follow the three Rs!- Recycle, Re-use, Reduce.

· Volunteer for clean-ups or any opportunity you can seize for this cause.

· Educate others as much as you can too.

· Shop wisely- less plastics, more reusable bags.

· Use both sides of a paper.

· Plant a tree or plant trees, the more, the merrier.

· Conserve water, electricity, wood, gas, anything you can!

· Turn off your electronic devices at night.

· Don’t eat processed food.

· Drive less, walk more.

With all this, we should all do a little something or contribute our part to this year’s Earth day by doing any of these. Let us all make our Mother Earth happy!

Writer: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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