“Cry of the dead whale” by Biboy Royong- sending out a message too strong to ignore!

Dead Whale

All of us, ever since we are kids start hearing and learning about pollution and it’s types- Air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution etc. These types further have sub types and kinds and these all types and these sub types are interrelated as they all link to each other and give rise to each other on some level.

You and I have crammed  this all too well, like this well that I can write on it and you can too but unfortunately we limit our learning to this only!!

A type of pollution that is the actual “Bad guy” and is responsible for the heaps increase in pollution is Plastic pollution. Plastic is the evilest of all and everything and it is the most used of all things also.

Want to go shopping? Grab a plastic bag to put all the stuff! Going on a walk? Grab your plastic water bottle for the run!!

Like look around everything is Plastic, not only things but we all are a little plastic too nowadays ( Let’s just leave it to that).

Dead Whale


Plastic pollution -The accumulation of plastic objects in the Earth’s environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans, Plastics that act as pollutants are categorized into micro-, meso-, or macro debris, based on  their size. The main reason of plastic so widely used all over the world is it’s availability, and the fact that it is so inexpensive and it’s durability.  Humans are effected by plastic as it causes disruption in the human hormonal system, plus the burning of plastic causes neoplasia, commonly known as Cancer, it also has an alarming effect on the Marine life as can be harmed either by mechanical effects, such as entanglement in plastic objects or problems related to ingestion of plastic waste, or through exposure to chemicals within plastics that interfere with their physiology.

Let us also look into the statistics as a little statistics won’t hurt, right?!

As of 2018, about 380 million tons of plastic is produced worldwide each year. From the 1950s up to 2018, an estimated 6.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced worldwide.

A Pilipino artist named Biboy Royong has made a 23.8 meter sculpture, which depicts a dead sperm whale carrying an unborn baby in its womb, all  by gathering plastic bottles, bags, straws and all other plastic wastes in a campaign to raise awareness on using single-use plastics.

It is titled as “Cry of the dead Whale” , he when asked told that he hopes his sculpture will spur dialogue on the plastic pollution and will make people think about their environment and it’s inhabitants.

“Our message there is, particularly that whale (baby) inside, it symbolizes the new generations, make people wonder if they will still see living whales or other sea creatures in the future due to the garbage problem.” Said  Royong.

The sculpture he made is so amazing and life like that it would take you a moment to actually register that it is not actually a dead whale but only an art installation made by the garbage collected from shorelines and beaches. In March this year, a dead whale was found in Philippines with about 49kg worth of plastics in its belly, and maybe this was the driving force of Biboy.

As commissioned by the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, the installation will run until May 26 before being recycled into other works of arts in the future.

Whatever the reason was he did a great job and really proved a point and it actually made my eyes watery too. I will from now on try my best to reduce the use of plastic, beginning with a task as simple as switching my plastic bag with a brown bag for shopping, what are you starting with?!

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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