Christ Church Mosques Attack— Depiction of White Supremacist Extremism

Christ Church Attack

On Friday 15th, 2019, almost a hundred Muslims became the victim of the mass shooting of a white supremacist extremist, in New Zealand. The mass shooting took place in two mosques, in the city of Christ church, at the time of Friday prayer. According to the latest news, fifty people have been confirmed dead, while more than thirty are injured and almost nine people are in critical condition. Almost all of the victims of the attack are Muslims and belonged to different countries of the world. The victims include men, women and children as well. Their families, in different countries of the world, are mourning for their beloved and still waiting to get the dead bodies.

The mass shooting was carried out by an Australian citizen, named Brenton Tarrant, who is a young 28 years old man. He did not only kill people by mass shooting but live streamed the happening, as well. He traveled from Sydney, Australia to Christchurch New Zealand, just to practice this heinous crime. It reveals too much about the criminal who not only well planned the terrorist attack, but also executed it accordingly. The only aim was to terrorize the Muslims, and I am glad he did not succeed in it, as the picture depicts a brutally injured man raising his index finger towards the sky and depicting his faith in ALLAH.

This is not exactly the first case of terrorism against the Muslims or terrorism by a white extremist supremacist against the Muslims. There have been a number of other cases of mass shootings, not only against the Muslims but also against the black community and sometimes against the general society, in which the white people also became the victims. However, the incidents were always regarded as the depiction of Muslim’s incited terrorism. Even if it was carried out by white extremists like Brenton Tarrant, that was termed as the case of the reaction of Islamophobia. This case is no different as the Australian senator has claimed that the incident occurred due to the immigration of Muslims in New Zealand and Australia, which is threatening the existence of the white population. However, the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, met with the families of victims and consoled them over their precious loss.

The attitude of some extremist representatives and the supremacist groups is promoting the notion of extremism in white societies. Instead of condemning the attacks, the western media has always portrayed such incidents as the results of the immigration laws, instead of talking about the need for gun laws. The media has always tried to depict that the criminal was suffering from depression or had some other mental health issue, which was of course caused by the presence of Muslims. However, this time, the media is unable to convene the identity and motives of the criminal as he is declared completely sane and healthy by the lawyer, who was assigned to defend him. Tarrant has not only claimed to present his case in court on his own, but he also depicted the sign of white supremacy and victory, during the first court appearance. While having a grin on his face, which was blurred, in order to not hurt the sentiments of the victims.

The question to ponder is why the Muslims are the terrorists when they are the direct victims of the attack? Why the white extremists are so scared of Islam, which is the religion of peace, which also taught the first victim of the incident to welcome the criminal warmly in the mosque, which is considered the home of ALLAH.. When will the western media and authorities focus on the issues of gun control laws, and the extremist attitude of the white population? Instead of victimizing Muslims population through immigration laws…


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General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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