A Message to Aspiring Student Politicians

Do you remember when certain members of a student organisation were arrested for disrupting a cultural event organized by group of students in a Pakistani university back in March, 2017? They stormed in and ended up injuring 5 students. People called it an act of terrorism but you cannot blame those members of that student organisation for using violence as a means to show their disapproval. I say that considering how miserable and ignorant we are as a nation. Only a fool would expect something good from people in power in Pakistan.

According to George Bernard Shaw, “Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.” I will leave for you to decide what incompetence precisely means.

Corruption is on the rise in Pakistan. Not just financial but moral corruption as well. Would student unions help in any way to improve the situation? I think they will make matters worse. In our society, there is a tendency in all of us to be tyrant in our own capacity. So why play with fire by giving authority to students. The job of a student is to study. Gone are the days when a country was judged in the international arena by their diplomacy. We are surrounded by countries achieving economic progress and technological advancement. We really need to encourage our youth to gain experience by practically manifesting what they are studying at universities. If you start demanding your rights through mafias that we call student unions, you will end up infringing rights of many.

If you think you can be an excellent politician, I would suggest you do an activity. Take up the responsibility of doing grocery for your house. After a month, you will end up pulling your hair out. The task of doing grocery might not seem very complicated but it is a hectic job to do. What I want you to understand is, that when you do simple tasks, you get the result quickly and you know whether you failed or passed. But when you involve yourself in politics, it affects public at large. The interval between you doing something and the emergence of its result is so lengthy, that sometimes, it takes ages for its results to emerge and often, they are not very pleasant. It’s like if Lenin were alive today, he would not be very happy with what his Empire turned out to be.

I would highly suggest you to read Dr. Jordan Peterson’s teachings of reformation of individualism. Some of you might know him as a controversial figure in the field of clinical psychology. But his book, ’12 Rules for life’ is very likely to change your life as it presents a very constructive model of the significance of the individual as opposed to our notion that, group identity is paramount.

So stay away from political activity and student unions. The world does not owe you anything. Exercise and promote individualism, define your morals, become a master of your field and take control of your life. By doing so, you shall emerge as one of the greatest politicians the world has ever seen.

As one of the greatest politicians in the world Mr. Abdul Kalam said, “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”


This Article is written by Muhammad Ahmed Ghazanfar  from Bahria University

Student of Bahria University

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Student of Bahria University

Research Based articles responsibility is taken by the students of Universities, Colleges & Schools in order to show their support to the student welfare organisation The Talib Times. Students...



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