23 Steps Ahead with IMRAN KHAN

Imran Khan

Imran khan- this name is sure to bring a wide smile on the faces and overwhelming gushes of love flowing through the hearts of Pakistanis!

This very name forms an image of a knight, a protector in our minds as he proved to be A knight in shining armour for Pakistan!

He is the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf and the current, 22nd Prime Minister of our beloved motherland. Ever since he has taken charge, it has not been a bed of roses for him, Nevertheless the newly formed government took every challenge very calmly and they are crossing hurdle after hurdle with such ambition that it is astonishing!

1. The very first step he took as the PM was addressing and abolishing the protocol system, he and his people took some serious austerity measures by plucking out the tree of lavish living styles and VVIP protocols from the roots and throwing them out.


2. In the spirit of simple living he put 102 luxury cars up for auction, which also included a good number of bullet-proof cars which were worth millions of rupees.

3. Another selfless act of Mr Khan was he giving up the PM mansion for his state as it is going to be Islamabad National University.

4. He terminated the PM Discretionary Funds, which gives a prime minister full right to spend a large sum of state’s money wherever he pleases but Mr Khan gracefully denied them which is a proof of his sincerity to this state.

“I want to tell my people, I will live a simple life, I will save your money”- Khan said in his maiden speech.

5. A billion trees plantation drive was commenced, which targets at planting at least 10 billion saplings in the coming years which is a marvellous achievement in it self as Global warming and the climatic changes are universal problems.

6. PTI’s government also scaled down the spending on the Federal Development Programme from 1,030 billion to 775 billion because of some non-developmental projects placed under the public sector developmental programme, the savings made are to be used in Water sector projects and progress of CPEC projects, including the Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan and the structuring of industrial zones,

7. As vexed as he was about the extremely critical need for water storage infrastructure, he appealed all the Pakistanis, even the ones living overseas to come forward and donate for the construction of Diamer Bhasha dam as he told that Pakistan could face famine-like conditions by 2025 if new water reservoirs were not built and has recently announced that Rs 10 billion have already been raised.

8. In regard to the foreign policy, he follows a proactive policy where the relations are based on parity and friendship with countries like with China, Afghanistan, Iran, US, India and no compromise on national interest can be entertained.”Another challenge is foreign policy. No other country needs peace like we do”-he said.

9. Due to Imran khan’s diplomatic demeanour and charisma, 2,100 Pakistani prisoners locked up in Saudi jails would be released and would be able to come back home to us all.

10. He recently directed for reforms in the existing Taxation system to achieve durable economic progress as he announced the existing system as unjust.

11. His policy of increased profitability and easy access to finance for farmers will Improve

* The agriculture sector.

* The livestock sector.

* And The produce markets.

12. The news of PTI’s MPA, Imran shah thrashing a public servant spread like wild fire and everybody thought it would be shushed away, but rather this act was condemned by Mr Khan and a heavy fine was imposed on him after thorough inquiry to set an example for the lot.

13. He ordered the making of a work committee headed by Mr farogh Naseem, the law Minister who would put their heads together and come up with reforms for:

* The strengthening of NAB laws.

* To completely ensure the inheritance rights of women.

14. A Poverty Alleviation Authority (PAA) is also to be launched which will cater to the needs of the less privileged like Housing, Education, Health etc.

15. It was him who protested against the blasphemous contest going on in Netherlands, he kept on pressurizing the Government which at the end caved in and forced Geert Wilders, the notorious Islamophobe, to discontinue the competition.

16. Another benchmark set by him was the launch of State Bank of Pakistan’s financing policy for low-cost housing which will not only shelter over thousands of heads.

17. This policy will also create job opportunities for thousands of people.

18. It will also boost our allied industries which in turn will tenfold boost our economy.

19. There is a twofold increase in the foreign investment from $426 million to $1 billion during PTI’s reign which shows the trust and confidence of foreign investors in the incumbent government.

20. He directed Punjab Government to take action against the Groups and Mafias which are involved in the barbarous act of encroachment and occupation of public properties, ordered to reconstruct the local body system, police system, the civil services and federal bureaucracy.

21. He gave strict orders to his governmental departments about taking provocative steps to inhibit smuggling and money laundering, he also reviewed a presentation from the Federal board of revenue about the loses incurred to economy as a result and created a committee which would make existing financial laws stronger and would come up with ways for amendment of these laws.

22. After the Pulwama incident and the India’s crossing of Pakistan’s Line of Control, a war between these two nations seemed inevitable, but Imran khan did the impossible by releasing the captured Indian pilot to deescalate the prevailing tensions between the States as a gesture of good will and peace.

23. After his magnanimous gesture, he has been hyped up everywhere by Pakistan and other countries and recently, Christian Science Monitor has put Imran Khan on a starting list of world leaders who standout to win this year’s Noble Peace Prize.

With these and a lot being done by him and a lot being promised to be done, we can say that Imran Khan is the beacon of hope for PAKISTAN. As we all know he has always been a striker, he hits all the right targets be it cricket or politics!Long live Pakistan!

Credits: Urooba Akhtar

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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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