Literacy program with Master Ayub Children at Bahria University

By definition, education is a process of self-expression and commitment towards the acquisition of knowledge .Education is a vital need and an obligatory right for every individual. To flourish and tutor our youth into becoming polished men and women, institutions are formed. In the modern days, it is of belief that every individual whether male or female, need knowledge and education as a tool to succeed in the years to come. Education has therefore, played a paramount role in progression over the time period and not only does society stress on education, but so does our religion; Islam.

In an up market district of Islamabad under the supervision of a local man, a class of two hundred students is being conducted for quite a while now. Ayub Khan, famously known as Master Ayub, offers free tutoring of all subjects to the underprivileged students, however, there is neither shelter nor facilities; Master Ayub has rendered his efforts in educating a huge mass of students. The firefighter, gave in all his life and time coaching the needy. Seeing hardships in his life as a child, he could not see other children suffer and so he decided to help. He started off with 10 students in the year 1986 and has gained much appreciation and awards from different countries of the world up till now. His previous students, now graduates in Masters and Bachelors, assist him by donating and giving time to the children as well. The man now entering his 60’s has not once showed ignorance towards his pupils over health issues or his tiresome condition.

Bahria University’s Community Support Program decidedly took a stand in the name of humanity and collaborated alongside Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Earth & Environmental Sciences Departments to teach the children of Master Ayub in the university premises in Summer-2017 which took place from July – August (Timings: 02:00-05:00 pm) in OC Hall 3 & 4 of Sir Syed Block. Transport for pick and drop service of children was also taken care of by the university and also other than studies, extracurricular activities were also organized.

Orientation Session

An orientation was conducted on 7th July, 2017 in the Auditorium of Bahria University. Master Ayub along with his two teaching assistants and 40 kids were present. The orientation was attended by the spring’ 15 batch students from the Earth & Environmental Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department students. The session began with the Holy verses from the Qur’an and the National Anthem. To inform the audience and honor the guests, the President of CSP Club started off with Master Ayub’s introduction. A video by Al-Jazeera was also showed to motivate the audience.

Later, Master Ayub was invited on stage to make a speech in which he highlighted the hardships he faced in life and how his efforts paid off. The story inspired the listeners and touched many people’s hearts. In the end, a group photo with the volunteers was taken to wrap up the session.

Teaching Session

As in summers, classrooms are available so Bahria University Islamabad organized a teaching session for Master Ayub’s children and facilitated them in providing rooms to conduct the classes for students. Each volunteer took the responsibility of one child and tutored them.

The kids were already very equipped with knowledge, nevertheless they were taught the whole syllabus. The volunteers polished the presentation skills of students. Also, as Independence Day was approaching, the students were prepared by the volunteers for the function that was going to be held. Moreover, coloring pencils were provided and on daily basis this activity too was carried out.

Sports Day

Bahria University Islamabad organized a “Sports Day” for the children from Master Ayub Program in the Gymnasium on 21st July, 2017. The event was arranged by the student volunteers who made the day memorable for these children and provided them a platform to show their talents/skills in various sports thereby ensuring their right development, leisure and recreation.

The event started off with national anthem followed by a welcome address to the children. Different sport activities took place and winners were given prizes. The sports activities included badminton, table tennis, different entertainment games such as Tug of War, balloon shooting, sack race and dart game. Some more exciting minute to win games were also played for the entertainment of these children. The student volunteers were divided into different teams to head the different activities organized for children. It was a great day with continuous entertainment for the children and they sang and enchanted in support for their teams. Such events always play a role in bringing the volunteer and the subject closer, so a strong bond between the volunteers and children was created.

Also, gifts and certificates of participation were distributed to the children to take back home as a token of remembrance for this special day. It was indeed a day to remember as it witnessed smiles and happiness on the face of every child. Lunch and refreshments were served to everyone at the end.

Independence Day

Bahria University Islamabad celebrated the “70th Independence Day” on campus with the children from Master Ayub Program on August 9, 2017. The children of “Lettuce Bee Kids” were also invited to the ceremony. The Auditorium was well decorated with flags and colorful balloons by the decor team of CSP club.

The ceremony featured tabloids, folk and national songs, speeches and presentations by both children and student volunteers and dance performances at the end. The event started by flag hoisting and playing national anthem in front of Sir Syed Block followed by the rest of the event in the Auditorium. The children were wearing dresses depicting the vibrant colors of cultures and heritage of Pakistan. The children performed on many national songs with the student volunteers. Bahria University students performed speeches on our national figures and the efforts that they did to acquire a separate homeland for us. The children from Master Ayub’s program gave presentation on Pakistani provinces to explain the richness of Pakistani culture and heritage. Director Leadership Development Centre (LDC) was invited as the chief guest on the event and he appreciated the efforts of the university and distributed goody bags to the students. A special cake cutting ceremony took place at the end to celebrate the national day with zeal and pride.

As a whole, the efforts that were made to assist the Master and to tutor the kids were appreciable and no doubt; virtuous. Feedback by students was filled with positive remarks. The program was a success and fetched much regard.


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Web Desk

General articles taken from the different sources available on the internet which interests the readers are published on The Talib Times website by the web desk team. Abdul Kareem and his team looks...



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