Are we at Risk?

In the last few years world temperature had gone up to sky level. Everyone is at risk. Crops are burning, water is evaporating, glaciers are melting etc.

Since the last ice age of Holocene the temperature had gone up to 10 degree centigrade. And in the last 100 years this rate had increased due to industrial revolution and the wars going around. The usage of fossil fuel is the backbone for all of these.

Already humans had added 1 degree centigrade in past 15 years or so. And if this keeps going on in the next 85 years the temperature well rise up to 5 degree centigrade more


So what can we do?

As a citizen of Pakistan we know how it is feeling to live in a heat stork. And to live without water. Over glaciers are melting at a rapid pace. We had to face a lot of problems in the past which includes water and extreme temperature conditions.

Is there a way to overcome these issues?

The answer is yes. There is a hope


Extreme climatic conditions

Using agriculture science we can find out what type of conditions is favorable for certain types of trees. If we plant the tree in there right conditions than they well effectively grow also scientist had develop such seeds which can grow in just 3 years.

Today the worst problem is the hunger. We can solve both these problem simultaneously. Give free lands to the poor educate them in agriculture sector. Let them grow fruit farms. Grow at least 10 billion fruit trees especially in Pakistan because our 70 % of the agriculture land is not being utilized.

By this way you well over come poverty because jobless people are now running their own farm and there well huge amount of stock of fruits which will eliminate hunger and the most important these trees well reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere i.e. cooling the atmosphere.

Scientist predict that the fossil full well be eliminated in almost 2060-2080. So after that rate of carbon well start to decrease and over planet well once again is happy. The next sources of energy are water + wind + electricity + nuclear.

Water issues

There is a thing called dam. Which is used to store water? The man who gave the idea of the dam was a Muslim and he gave this idea thousands years back. The reasons were that in the two months of the rainy season they had a lot of water which was wasted and in the next 10 months there was shortage. So the plan was to somehow store that water and the answer was dam.

Dam can be small or big we just need to find best locations and built some of these at least 100 of these.

The rate of evaporation had increased in the last 15 years that’s why we see rains are resulting into floods. Allah had blessed us with monsoon season. We had plenty of water in this season. If we could store this water we don’t have to depend on glaciers. This seasons is sufficient enough to supply water for next 2-3 years but thanks to almighty this occurs regularly on annual basis

Due to high rate of evaporation monsoon outcome had increased. We just need to keep building up dams.

Doesn’t loss hope there is a way and when there is a way there is a hope?


This Article is written by Hammad, Graduate of BS Geology from Bahria University.


Student of Bahria University

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Student of Bahria University

Research Based articles responsibility is taken by the students of Universities, Colleges & Schools in order to show their support to the student welfare organisation The Talib Times. Students...



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