What’s better than a shampoo? A Shampoo bar!

Shampooing the hair is the one thing that even a non-hardcore hair-care regime follower would also do! Although shampooing is important but shampooing from a shampoo bottle isn’t! Too much shampoo, huh? The...

Awarded with Doctor of Music degree, meet Dr Rahat Fateh Ali Khan!!

Pakistan has always been proud of Rahat Fateh Ali, he has always amazed people not only in Pakistan but all over the world with a voice that’s better than a nightingale’s! He has always been an eye candy to...

Students develop a bacteria that turns plastic into water!

From shopping bags to eating plates, it’s All plastic! One of the biggest concerns of today is the alarming amount of plastic in the oceans, it is the evilest of evils that exist today! There are chances of...

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Edhi Baba

Edhi baba, a book for all ages!

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a name that is bound to be mentioned where philanthropists and humanitarians are!! He founded Edhi foundation, that has put shelter over and fed thousands of people and animals. He was a Saviour that...

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